Protect yourself and your money! We have included a few guidelines to observe when buying or selling a boat. In doubt don’t hesitate to ask for help (contact us, or google your question – You will find most scams online)

  • Always ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate vendor. Secure absolute contact details including their name, address and phone number. Call the vendor at different times of the day to see who and how they respond.
  • Never send a copy of your identity card to anyone known to you solely by email or by telephone.
  • Request the seller to provide any hull number, serial numbers of engines, motors, trailer details etc. and have these checked by the respective manufacturers.
  • Any request asking for an advance payment may be indicative of an attempted scam. Please use good judgment in these situations.
  • Advance payments requests apply to both cash transfers, i.e. by Western Union, MoneyGram, Escrow etc. as well as bank transfers. Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that your funds may be withdrawn with falsified documents so please consult with your insurance about the precautions and liability.
  • Should you feel skeptical about any ongoing deal, it is advised to use a reputable escrow service of your choice. This will ensure you receive the boat in the agreed condition, thus releasing any funds to the seller once accepted.
  • Does the offer seem too good to be true? Then it most likely is. Please use good judgment in these situations.
  • Please pay attention to details, particularly when entering into agreements outside of your native country.

How do I recognize a fraudulent seller?

  • Is someone asking you for payment before you have seen the boat?
  • Has it been requested to use a third party transportation company, and you assume the costs?
  • Is it possible to talk the seller directly or by phone?

How do I recognize a fraudulent buyer?

  • Someone wants to buy the boat without testing it?
  • You are offered an amount in excess of the price?
  • It’s been suggested to handle the transport through a transportation company, and you must assume the costs?
  • It’s not possible to speak to the buyer on the phone?
  • The potential buyer is abroad? Using SMS only?

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